Clapton Live History…. so far

Thankyou for your interest in my Eric Clapton book project. I want to update you on the process and the progress so far.

Ever since 2008 I have had this idea to produce a book featuring Eric Clapton and photos from his live career, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. However, it was not until last year in May, when I saw the last of the EC 70th birthday shows at the Royal Albert Hall, that I decided now is the time for this project.

I watched as Eric came back on stage alone for the encore, took the microphone and said in his usual modest manner “This week´s been fantastic. I mean it´s been tough, but it has been fantastic, so thanks for coming and see you down the road somewhere” I knew that he was as close to retiring as he could be, and it dawned on me that it was now or never, if I was to write this book

When I started to reasearch and obtain content for the book, I quickly got my hands on some unique content that still holds up. Pictures that had never seen the light of day, pictures that were still in the roll of negatives, that had never been printed, but had been lying in a drawer for 45 years; I was the first one to study these pictures and that gave me a boost..

Recently however, the bar has been raised; so I am starting to contact the legendary photographers, that I know have shot EC but never used the majority of pictures in a film, as maybe only one or two of the pictures were used, so this is what the summer is for.

I of course also am making an effort to get the man himself to contribute, but that is harder said than done.

So to recap what it is you can expect from this book, apart from the items explained on the front page, it is:

  • Yardbirds 1963/4
  • Early Blind Faith picture (s) 1969
  • Pictures from the very first Derek and the Dominos concert at the Lyceum 1970
  • Delaney and Bonnie at the Royal Albert Hall 1969
  • EC on tour in North America and Europe 1974 and 1977
  • Carlos Santana with EC 1975
  • Hammersmith May 1980
  • EC at the A.R.M.S concert 1983
  • Pros and Cons Tour with Roger Waters
  • EC in North America 1987
  • 24 Nights: Blues Nights
  • EC on tour in North America 1992 / 1994 / 2014

There will of course be much more later on, and if you feel you have something unique to contribute or you want to enquire about other issues regarding the book, please feel free to contact me on or on Clapton Live History on Facebook.